Lace is an openwork, decorative fabric originally made by knotting, looping or twisting threads.  It can be very fine and sheer or heavy and course and available in a variety of fibers from polyester to cotton to wool.  Compared with other fabrics, lace is fragile and although it must be handled with care, it is easier to sew than you might think! 

  • Laces do not have a grainline, but it has more stretch in the width than in the length
  • Most lace falls into three groups: allover, guipure and fine laces (such as Chantilly or Alencon)
  • Many laces shrink and become softer after washing, so be sure to pre-wash or dryclean before sewing
  • Lace is transparent, so will require and underlining, slip or strategically placed pockets or appliques
  • Lace is very forgiving so if you make a mistake, it can frequently be hidden.